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ANK- Chitosan Oligosaccharide

Product details:

CAS NO.: 9012-76-4 

Place of origin:China

Brand name:ANK


The appearance of liquid:Yellow brown liquid

Effective content:1.0-3.0%

PH,1:100 : 2.5-4.0

Water-insoluble content: 0.2%

Molecular weight: 5000

The appearance of powder:Yellow brown powder

Effective content: 90%

Water content: 5.0%

Ash content: 1.0%

PH,1:100 : 3-5

Water-insoluble content: 4.0%

Molecular weight: 5000

Payment and Shipping Terms:

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Minimum Order Quantity: 3 MT

Port: Main Port, China

Delivery Time: Within 15 days after receipt of payment or L/C

Payment: T/T, L/C, D/P at sight

Detailed Product Description:

1.Chitosan oligosaccharide contains rich C and N, which can be decompounded and utilized by microbe as nutrition for plant growing. 

2. Stimulate plant growth and increase production of crops, fruit and vegetables. 
3. Change soil micro flora, accelerate growth of sanative bacteria and restrain some plant pathogenic bacteria.
4. Improve disease resistance of plants, immunise plant to kill many kinds of fungus, bacteria and virus.


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