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Fertilizers- Bio-Fulvic Acid

Product details:

Classification: Organic

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: ANK

Type: Solid

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Minimum Order Quantity:1-5 MT

Port: Main Port, China

Delivery Time: Within 15 days after receipt of payment or L/C

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P at sight

Detailed Product Description:

BFA dry powder is a powder with a color from light yellow to dark brown, easy to absorb moisture. This product contains fulvic acid (60-90%), and meanwhile is also rich in amino acids, indolic acids, nucleic acid, and vitamins and trace elements. So it is a multi-functional, highly active matter of fulvic acid.

As a carrier, a mainbody or a additive, this product may be used for foliar fertilizer, water flush fertilizer, trace fertilizer, organic fertilizer, plant nutritional solution, drought-resistant agent, seed dressing, and synergistic agent for farm chemicals and chemical fertilizers, which can increase its effect significantly.

After use of this product, generally, gain crops increase in yield by 8-15%; and vegetables, melons and fruits, 10-20%, or over 20%. This product have preventive effect on various crop pests. When used in combination with farm chemicals and chemical fertilizers, its residue will decrease and its effect will increase. When used as a additive for a fertilizer, this product may reduce loss of NPK, and heighten availability of a fertilizer by 10-20%. This product has been popularized to use in big areas home and abroad to obtain remarkable economic benefit, and has been accepted and approved by most customers.

We recommend Four types of Bio-fulvic acid as following:



BFA content 

 water insoluble




 coffee brown




 It is a kind of vegetative BFA, which contains high contents of biological nitrogen and acidic groups which are able to chelate strongly with trace elements; and so it is suitable to be used as a synergistic agent of flush fertilizer, foliar fertilizer of high concentration and pesticide, which has physiological activity so as to stimulate growth of crops.


 light yellow




 3-5% organic calcium


 light yellow




 It contains a little endogenesis hormone such as gibberellic acid and indole etc. which has higher physiological active and has good effect on promoting rooting and growing.


 light yellow




 this product may be used as a carrier, a main part, or synergistic agent for foliar fertilizer, flush fertilizer, micronutrients, organic fertilizer, plant nutrient liquor, draught resistant agent, seed dressing, and a synergistic agent for spray poison or fertilizer to increase their effectiveness significantly.


 brown yellow or coffee




 It may be used as a main part or a synergistic agent of alkaline foliar fertilizer and flush fertilizer, also as an additive for compound fertilizer and organic fertilizer. Due to high pH, this product is suitable to be prepared as powder.

BFA compare with Potassium Lignosulphonate,Sodium Lignosulphonate.

As BFA has a high content in fulvic acid,and it also has some trace metal element,and meanwhile,the producing method is biological agent,BFA can be resolved and absorbed naturally and easily,and improve the effect,and meanwhile,the effect of BFA can be brought into play on a high-point,without any damage on the soil and crop.

But the Lignosulphonate product comes from waste water of paper-making factory or sugar-producing factory,and the sulpid content of the material is very high,besides, Pb,Hg,Cr,and so on,and in the producing process,the heavy metal can not be removed .So maybe in the beginning of the using,Lignosulphonate can effect, just as the early effect of UREA,but after the aggradation,sulpid,sugar,Pb,Hg,Cr and some other heavy metal is left in the soil,or in the skin of crop and fruit,it has a long time damage on soil and human.

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