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ANK-Humate Na 85%

Product Details:

Classification: Organic Fertilizer

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: ANK

Type: Powder

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Minimum Order Quantity: 20MT

Port: Main port, China

Delivery Time: Within 15 days after receipt of payment or L/C

Payment Terms: D/P at sight, T/T,  L/C

Detailed Product Description:

As dirt-resistant agent and water stabilizer

In steam locomotive and industry, civil low-pressure boiler, if we add Ha-Na-Na2CO3 dirt-resistant agent, the speed for producing dirt will be lower than normal water treatment 50%. It‘ll save the consumption of coal by20% and 20% of the expenses of water treatment. As treatment agent for petroleum and natural gas, if we add Ha-Na to artesian well liquid, it can effectively reduce mud filtration loss and keep artesian well liquid faithful stable.

Compared with traditional water treatment chemical like HEDP, PPA, PAAS, by using sodium humate, the scaling speed reduce by 50%, coal economizes by 20% and the water treatment expense reduces by 20%

As additives for porcelain mud

To add Ha-Na in porcelain mud, graphite tool material, porcelain enamel materials, it can increase strength of blank base, reduce damage of half-finished products, enhance plasticity. As a result, it is easier to shape and reduce enamel drop off. That is to say that the output and quality of products is improved. In the fields, such as thin embryo crafts, electrical porcelain, toilet porcelain, building porcelain, top grade and technical porcelain, it is highly effective.

Sodium humate is a kind of new, non-posion, non-pollution, and high efficiency organic fertilizer, belongs to humic acid, can be widely used in agriculture, industry, as well as animals feeding.

At present, it is mainly used in animals feeding as a kind of feeding additives, and it can strengthen the animals’ disease-resistance, and increase the output and quality of milk, meat, as well as eggs, and so on.

As the agriculture usage, the 85% water soluble Humate Na has passed the NOP certificate.

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